• Ok. I'll help wherever I can. Just list me a few things and I'll help, but not right now. I'm also working on my wikia, but stil send me some sort of To-do list or something =) link to my wikia:

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    • Sure! So, here's a to-do list:

      1. Add a "How to come up with a good charecter" page

      2. Add a "How to come up with a fantastic story" page

      3. Add a "How to come up with a good game idea" page

      4. Add a "Programming Laungauges" page

      5. Add a "Game making Applications" page

      6. Add a "Creating graphics" page

      If I think of any other important things to do I will let you know. Oh! I just remebered. The person who gets the most members to join is given the oppertunity to become an Admin!

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